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Extend the reach of your telephoto lens with this APO Teleconverter 2.0x EX DG from Sigma for Canon EF-mount cameras and lenses. This model doubles the effective focal length while only losing 2 stops of light in the process. It also retains communication between the lens and camera, allowing users to use automatic metering and autofocus. Additionally, this teleconverter has a multi-layer coating that reduces flare and ghosting for sharp, clear imagery.

Usable Lenses and Combinations

  • Sigma APO Tele Converter 1.4x and 2x are dedicated Tele Converter lenses, which should be used with listed lenses only.
  • AF function of Pentax mounts cannot be used with SFX/SF7 cameras.
  • Do not use the APO Tele Converter EX on top of another APO Tele Converter, or any other kinds of converters.

Attaching the APO Tele Converter to the Lens 

  • First, attach the APO Tele Converter EX to the master lens. Then, attach the lens and the Tele Converter to the camera body. If you attach the Tele Converter to the camera body first it may cause a malfunction.
  • If using a lens with a MINOLTA AF and attaching the APO Tele Converter EX to the camera body first, it may cause the AF mechanism to run idle.


  • On the lists, the lenses marked "AF" will retain auto focus operation when used with a Tele Converter. The lenses marked "MF" can only be used for manual focus.
  • Some lenses will operated in AF even though the list of MINOLTA AF, NIKON AF, PENTAX AF mentioned "MF", however, be aware that these lenses cannot focus precisely by auto focusing. Therefore, please use such lenses in MF mode when a teleconverter is attached.
  • *1 When the Tele Converter is attached, the zoom range will be restricted to between 100mm to 500mm.


  • Using the APO Tele Converter EX decreases the effective aperture by one F-stop (with 1.4x Tele Converter) or by two F-stops (with 2x Tele Converter).Regardless of exposure mode, correct exposure can be obtained.
  • If using a lens which has "o" in the list, the camera's display will indicate the converted exposure information. If using a lens which does not have "o" in the list while using a hand-held exposure meter, you should increase the exposure reading by 1-stop for the APO 1.4x Tele Converter EX or by 2-stops for the APO 2x Tele Converter EX.

Note: Sigma APO Tele Converter 1.4x and 2x are dedicated teleconverter lenses. Due to the high optical quality of this teleconverter, this item will only fit and work with a select list of lenses.

Please refer to the Sigma Teleconverter compatibility chart in the Resources Tab for your lens compatibility.

Lens Construction 6 elements in 5 groups
Focal length 2x that of a master lens
Aperture coupling range F2.8 - F32
Reproduction ratio 2x that of a master lens
Dimensions (Diameter×Length) Φ68.5mm×52mm / 2.7in.×2.0in.
Weight 235g / 8.3oz.


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